What Winter Says…

This has not been the winter I was thinking it would be. That’s not to say that it hasn’t been extraordinary and beautiful.  One year ago, I was logging 30 to 50 miles of running, cycling, cross-country skiing, with yoga and swimming thrown in for balance.  I really was in the best shape of my life, period.  It was grueling, and if I wasn’t eating or cooking, I was grading or planning my next meal, or driving to my next workout, and yet it was completely worth it.  I met every single one of my goals, and then a couple of more.  

But, turning 50 had other plans.  I found out that all that effort actually would wear me out, completely.  It wore me out physically. And, it wore me but it mentally, too.  The drain of pushing, and planning, and never compromising was eerily subtle.  When October finally arrived, it was a relief. My knees ached, horribly.  I felt harried in every  aspect of my life, and knew that a massive reckoning was on the horizon.  I wasn’t wrong.  Three months of not running, another surgery, just a handful of skiing adventures, and a few hundred photos later, it seems that I might be able to attempt that “balance” thing, once again.  Here’s what winter has had to say:


img_2654Photo – Untethered – Taken in Clark, Colorado.

Photo – First Chair – Continental Divide, Colorado
img_2646Photo – Aspens in Slumber – Taken in Kremmling, Colorado.

img_2436Photo – Worn – Taken in Mancos, Colorado.


img_2482Photo – Winters Dead – Taken in Mancos, Colorado.

img_2434Photo – Ancient’s View – Taken in Mancos, Colorado.


img_2656Photo – All That Shimmers – Taken in Kremmling, Colorado.
 Photo – Last of the Light – Clark, Colorado
Photo – Diffused in the Morning – Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Photo – Blistering White – Steamboat Springs, Colorado
img_2413Photo – Blue is the Warmest Color – Taken in Bayfield, Colorado.


I have spent a lot of time in my 4Runner, looking for things that are beautiful.  This line from the song Words Fail You seems to resonate:

“This Toyota, it’s gettin’ crowded, with the all the things no one’s saying…”

The artist is Kris Delmhorst, and her music has been fueling  many of my thoughts the past few years. She’s reminiscent of Margo Timmins, haunting and lyrical, songs dripping from the heart. 


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