Tonal Ambiguity…

A thought about regret. 

It’s a ploy. It really is a total hoax. The current posturing and promises have nothing, nothing at all to do with making America “great again.” They are nothing more than an attempt to make America “regret again.”
Regret? Yes, regret our morals and our conscience. Regret our common humanity. 

We are in fact being divided, intentionally. This country is just like a holiday dinner; everyone is invited, and we all will show up because it’s what we are supposed to do, but we all head in with some reservations because we know there’s going to be that one conversation, that one topic, that is going to send many of us off the deep end.

Right now, Trump is that conversation. His actions, his temper, his tweets, and arguably his inactions are dividing us, and sending many of us off the deep end.  

That is precisely what this country doesn’t need right now. Divisions and deep ends.  

We are getting played. All of us. Played by a much bigger force than Trump. He isn’t smart enough to pull this off, he is merely the front for something worse, something deeper. There is a loathing in our Nation that sits just below the surface. It’s manifested itself in a right versus left confrontation; but really, it’s much more sinister then that.  

The narcissism that is masking this loathing is just the distraction; it’s just the poor manners and the indifference. The loathing, that’s something else. It’s here, it’s real, and it is going to consume us while we’re distracted, and bickering over the narcissism.  

Our common humanity has to best this. The usurper is from within, don’t let it take our humanity. 


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