Anatomy of a Composition, part 2

East River – 2017

The East River drains the basin surrounding the historic community of Gothic, just north and east of Crested Butte, at the foot of Schofield Pass.  This conjunction of the Sawatch and Elk mountains offers some of Colorado’s most rugged and wild beauty. The high Aspens that are so prominent just a few miles west along Kebler Pass are less frequent, but this is heart of wildflower country.  And in the winter, it is a legendary experience. So finding this assortment of yellow and orange peeking out of these smaller groves was a welcome surprise.

East River – 2017 Shot with a Sony a7rii using the Zeiss FE 2470/F4 ZA lens.
EXIF Data: ISO 100 | F/1 | 1/125 sec.

This is certainly a scene I will be returning to in the coming years, it is warrants the opportunity to present it self in as many possibly lights as it can. It’s also an interesting take on the idea of illusion.  I feel that fundamentally humans are optimistic. We go into most situations hopeful. We go into most situations helpful. We do also tend to make decisions that protect our self-interests, and when that happens it may make us look selfish.  When it fact it really just show who and what were are; complicated creatures, each trying our best to make meaning of each situation as they evolve around us.

A setting like the East River is so emblematic of this duality.  What do we see, and what do we want to see, those can be and are often times two very, very different things.  A setting like this changes seasonally, and a it changes with ever shifting light. People and relationships can do the same; they can shift over longer periods of time, and they can shift moment to moment.  I know that I held onto the illusion of relationship far longer than I held onto the actual relationship. We are all certainly guilty of this, so maybe the practice is to move more gracefully with these changes.  To worry less of the illusion and expectation and to place more value in the moment, and seeing the beauty in the ever changing conditions and light.

This is mage is currently available as a 24″x36″ canvas print.  It comes with framed backing, ready to hang.

Find it at:


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