Chasing shadows with the light…


“50” has had a different start than I imagined it would. My right knee is really unhappy, so the orthopedic surgeon is my next appointment. I dodged a melanoma scare, but have a cool scar to show off.  And politics, that might be another post. Because of the surgery I’m not supposed to be in the sun (and pulling my helmet on doesn’t seem appealing with the sutures just removed), thus the GSA will be sitting under its cover another weekend.

#moab #mesarch


I have school work, a toilet to repair, photography homework, and photos from past adventures adventures to keep me thinking about what I enjoy most; time with my sons, teaching my students, finding beauty in the world. And, undoubtedly, ideas and schemes will be hatching, and new photos will appear.


My therapist and I keep having conversations about “vulnerability” and recently a colleague, Jen, has introduced the “growth mind-set” into our school.  Feeling defeated and disconnected have haunted the majority of us. Watching reactions to people’s political loses and gains only seems to amplify the grief, and powerlessness that can become part of our collective conscience.  This then allows fear to guide our choices. I’m refusing to get locked-in.  There is too many pretty pictures for me to see.

#thorswell Oregon Coast

Many cliches seem to be filling our lives right now, but Dr. King’s words feel the most poignant: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” I’m so grateful for his words, and I am so grateful for the life and experiences that have brought me to this point. If you were to see me on the motorcycle, you would know that I’d be riding contently, looking forward to chasing shadows with the light.  

#tetons Thank you, April!

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